With Restoration Timber, any idea is possible. There are countless ways to bring the power of nature into your project and if you have an idea, we have a way to execute it.


One of our most-popular custom design solutions are our wood beams. Standard beams are light-weight, u-shaped and hollow, however, beams can also be created as a 4-sided box to make columns, or to wrap a pre-existing beam for an updated look. But, the possibilities don’t stop there because a custom beam can also be used to create floating shelves or a fireplace mantle, depending on the unique needs of the project.

Each beam is engineered from the highest quality plywood and White Oak which can be kept natural or finished to match a wide variety of colors. Beams can even be cladded with Stikwood which comes in over 30 unique finishes.

Grand Format

Statement Wall

With Grand Format Statement Walls, standing out has never been easier. Made with a modular, interlocking structure, Grand Format Statement walls can be installed with minimal attachment points which limits potential drywall damage. Plus, the customizable structure makes each wall completely customizable both in terms of size and design.

Feature a cityscape, your company logo or another unique image that suits your design. The artwork you select can wrap the entire wall, including the inside and outside of corners. Whether you’re making a tradeshow booth or a one-of-a-kind office accent wall, Grand Format Statement Walls are sure to get people talking.


There’s no doubt that natural wood is beautiful all by itself, but InstaGrain takes it to the next level. With InstaGrain, any design or photo can be printed on real wood planks to create a custom piece of artwork. Perfect for office backdrops, company signage or regular wall decor, InstaGrain’s uses are limitless.

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