Stikwood Peel & Stik Real Wood Planks

We invented peel & stik wood planks. The thin, lightweight format means you have more options when creating spaces with wood walls and ceilings. They are easy to cut and install, and with over 30+ unique finishes there is a peel and stick finish for every design style.

Reclaimed Original Patina

Naturally weathered over time by the elements, these planks are perfectly imperfect. Characteristics like knot holes, deeply weathered grooves and natural splitting give that beautifully authentic look.

Reclaimed Core Textured

Created from the cores of our Reclaimed Original Patina planks, this selection of colors has a tactile, soft textured face that diffuses light and highlights the wood’s grain.

Reclaimed Core Smooth

Created from the cores left over from our Reclaimed Original Patina planks, these smooth to the touch finishes let the wood’s character shine through.

Sustainable Smooth

These finishes are smooth to the touch, refined and consistent. Made from sustainable woods, these finishes are eco-conscious and beautiful.


Stikwood Plankprints Collection adds a layer of printing on the peel+stik wood planks that make a dramatic statement and allows designers to create custom wood wall art.