Designer Spotlight: Amalia Gal

In our first-ever video edition of our Designer Spotlight series, we talk with Amalia Gal and learn about her inspiring journey as an interior designer and her experience with starting her own business.

Elevate Your Design: Exploring the Versatility of Reclaimed Wood for Ceilings and Walls

Design professionals are uniquely situated to understand the artistry of real wood and its transformative potential for ceilings and walls. In an era where design trends are ever-evolving, reclaimed wood stands as a timeless testament to craftsmanship and sustainability.

Project Spotlight: Cascade Lakes Brewery with Woodwöl by Julanda Shannon

Eco-Friendly Advantages of Real Wood Walls in Interior Design

In the realm of interior design, where aesthetics and functionality merge, sustainable materials have picked up a lot of steam in the last few years. Design experts are increasingly looking for eco-friendly options that not only enhance the visual appeal of spaces but also contribute to a healthier planet.

The Benefits of Different Wood Installation Types

With so many different types of woods and a variety of installation options, it’s important to understand the benefits of different wood installation methods so that you can select the best option for your next project.

5 Versatile Ways to Use Real Wood

Many buildings utilize wood in one of three ways - structure, flooring or furniture. But, wood, and its many finishing methods, has the capacity to be used in far more ways.

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